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Or - is there possibly a way to assign an ID to a path animation like the Move animations so I could target separate ones that way?


Just bought DoTween yesterday - it's great!  I've looked through the docs and Googled a little bit, though, and can't seem to find the answer my question:

Is it possible to add multiple paths to a single game object?  And then, from there, play a particular path animation based on user input?

In this example, I'd like to use DoTween to move the camera on a series of preset paths.  For example: if the user selects object 1, the camera will fly on a particular path to object 1.  If they had selected object 2, the camera flies on a different path to object 2, etc.  Then upon arriving at position 1, 2, or 3, there will be a series of other paths the camera can fly to based on a different set of user input.  So it's ultimately a whole tree of different paths I would like to use.

Is that something I can do with DoTween?

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