DOTween - Possible RectTransform enhancement request
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Using Unity's new UI features, it's my understanding that the proper way to move UI panels on and off of the screen in a resolution independent manner is by modifying the associated RectTransform's anchorMin and anchorMax vectors. Currently, I'm accomplishing that via a sequence of generic tweens something like this:

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        .Join(DOTween.To(() => rect.anchorMin, x => rect.anchorMin = x, new Vector2(1f, 0f), 1f))
        .Join(DOTween.To(() => rect.anchorMax, x => rect.anchorMax = x, new Vector2(1f, 0f), 1f))

The above moves the RectTransform 1 full screen to the right without knowing anything about the screen resolution - which is the whole point.

This seems like it might be a reasonable candidate for some "shortcut" methods, such as:

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Thanks for your consideration and a GREAT product!

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Re: DOTween - Possible RectTransform enhancement request
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Additionally, since it's likely that both the min and max anchors will be moved together (to simply tween a UI element on/off the screen), maybe some additional, single-tween variations might make sense:

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DoAnchor(Vector2 targetMin, Vector2 targetMax, ...)
DoAnchor(Vector2 relativeTargetBoth, ...)