Is there a way to get the duration between DoPath waypoints (catmull-rom)?

Alternatively- maybe there's a better solution to my actual use-case. I am tweening a camera along a path, and want to also tween the rotation so that it lands at certain views along the waypoints. Theoretically I guess I could create a secondary path and have a transform along there and make the camera "lookAt" that object transform, but that's a bit harder to lay out in the editor- and I'd rather avoid having to create a secondary path.

Ideally I'd have the camera tween follow not just the waypoint positions, but also the waypoint rotations. That would be awesome and is actually what I need :)

For now- if I knew the duration between the DoPath waypoints in advance, I could simply start a secondary sequence of rotation tweeners with those durations.

FWIW I'm creating the path by hand- so I have the position of all the waypoints (which I pass to DoPath) and the rotation of all the waypoints (which I currently can't really do anything with)