bug found for runtime triggering the animation.
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I have more than 200 polygons with sphere collider(trigger on) attached.
Do tween animation attached as a ccomponent each of them.
tween mode is selected to color.

and got a couple of codes.
 private DOTweenAnimation dotweenanim;
 dotweenanim = gameObject.GetComponent<DOTweenAnimation>();
but this code .never works. except
this procedure:
1- stop game. select polygon which of dotween animation component attached.
2- play the game. voila runtime codes works. (without clicking once in designtime mode, runtime method doesnt working (DoPlay  method)


1- in designtime: Im checking dotween animation compoent to autoplay.
2- recheck off the autoplay (off it again.)
3- play the game.
4- voila the code works.

I think this is a bug I repoted here.
I can upload a small youtube video on any request.
but obviously
runtime codes doesnt working without designtime pinching on and off the <autoplay> button in inspector.
weird. do you have a fix for this ? or may be this is unity5 bug.

just reporting here. I can build up a sample project or a youtubevideo to show up the bug.

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