Hi there

I tend to use "DOTween.To(()=> myFloat, x=> myFloat = x, 45, 1);" quite often, it's a really nice pausable way of tweening floats. However, when DOTween changed a few versions back to use Ease.OutQuad as its default type instead of Ease.Liner, I didn't notice until today that it also affects my floats. This means things like tweening a 5 second cooldown it's actually closer to 6 seconds because of the easing.

Now this is 100% on me, no fault of DOTween, however it would be nice if the documentation made a note of this. Just a line above it on the documentation page that if your tweening floats you should be sure to set the easing type to Liner.

"DOTween.To(()=> myFloat, x=> myFloat = x, 45, 1).SetEase(Ease.Linear);"