ID field in new version?
« on: April 24, 2016, 11:29:23 AM »
Hello again.. I was wondering what the new ID field is for in DOTween Path?  Will this allow us to have multiple Tweens with different ID's per gameobject? by having multiple components with different ID's?  (I recall seeing it said this wasn't possible before?)  If not, what is the field used for?  Thank you!  :)

Edit:  Saw the answer on the most recent thread... but I suppose I can use this to ask another question:

What happens if I give tweens the same ID?  Will calling Play cause all the tweens with that ID to play?
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Re: ID field in new version?
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The ID, at least for now, is just in case you want to use static DOTween method on your path via its id, like DOTween.Pause(myId) :P

EDIT: saw your edit after answering, ooops. But yes, when you call a static ID-based method, all the tweens with the same ID will react.