Hello again.  I am trying to figure out the syntax for doing a callback when using OnWaypointChange.  Reading the documentation it looks like I need to supply "waypoints" which I know is a Vector3 array, but I want to use the values that are in the DOTween Path I've created in the pro editor.  I've tried to figure out how to do this for hours and the lack of examples has me stuck, and I'm not even sure if I'm close.  Please advise; here's my non working code:

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private Vector3[] waypoints;

void Start ()
Tween path = GetComponent<DOTweenPath>().GetTween();
waypoints = path.PathGetDrawPoints;
transform.DOPath(waypoints, 1).OnWaypointChange(MyCallback);

For awhile it seemed I was getting closer, but I think it needed the array length and PathGetDrawPoints.Length wasn't working for it.

Ultimately I actually don't care about the waypoints array as long as I can run the path tween I made in the editor, and can do my callback when the waypoint change is made; if there is a more direct solution that would be fine too.

Would it be possible to add the waypoint callbacks to the Pro Editor/Inspector in the future, similar to how I can do them for OnComplete, OnPlay etc?

I managed to use the copy to clipboard button in the editor to copy the values and put them into the script to satisfy the array, but all that does is send the gameobject warping through all the waypoints as soon as it is spawned.  I think more specifically the solution I need is one that allows me to receive the OnWaypointChange in a script, from the gameobject moving on the DOTween path I created in the pro/visual editor... and I have no idea how to do that.

Please help?  :(

More code I tried that didn't work:
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Tween path = GetComponent<DOTweenPath>().GetTween();
path = transform.DOPath(waypoints, 1).OnWaypointChange(MyCallback);