Sequence won't start
« on: June 07, 2015, 07:32:44 PM »
First of all, thank you for this amazing tool, and HOTween before it. You've done a fantastic job, and I really appreciate all of the effort that you've put in.

I'm trying to create a sequence using the following structure:

Code: [Select]
Sequence sequence = DOTween.Sequenec();

foreach (...)
   Tween tween = DOTween.To(...);

The sequence does not start, however. If I delete the call to Append, the tweeners fire, but with it there, nothing happens. I've also tried calling Play() on both the sequence and the tweeners, but that doesn't do anything, either.

How can I get my sequence to start?

Thank you.

Re: Sequence won't start
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Re: Sequence won't start
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Apologies for the late reply, notification system broke and I didn't get any mail,

Your code seems correct, but I think you might be encountering this issue (solution included there).