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DOTween & DOTween Pro / Easing at the end of the value is wrong
« on: November 26, 2015, 06:04:35 AM »

I use the Sequence.Append as e.g,
Easing at the end of the value is wrong when I change "default Ease" by DOTween Utility Panel.

Code: [Select]
void onComp()
    Debug.LogFormat( "onComplete {0}" , m_renderer.color.a );

void Start ()
    float liveTime = 2.0f;
    m_renderer = GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>();
    Sequence seq = DOTween.Sequence();
    seq.Append( m_renderer.DOFade( 0.2f , 0.1f ) ).SetEase( Ease.Linear );
    seq.Append( m_renderer.DOFade( 0.0f , liveTime ) ).SetEase( Ease.Linear ).OnComplete( onComp );

I set "default Ease" to "Unset" then printed "onComplete 0".
but, if set "default Ease" to "Linear", printed "onComplete 1.192093E-08" (Umm...!?)

Is this would be trouble ?

DOTween version:
v1.0.720   -> didn't occurs this symptom
v1.0.750~ -> occurs!!

Unity Version:


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