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I am using ShakePosition via the visual editor. Is there a way to make the movement relative?

I know I can use SetRelative() if I do it all through code, but I want to start taking advantage of the visual editor since it is faster to tweak the values.


DOTween & DOTween Pro / DOLookAt in 2D
« on: June 19, 2015, 10:48:41 AM »
Hello, maybe an expert can help me out.  :o

I am trying to get DOLookAt to work in 2D, I tried a bunch of combinations but cannot get it to work. I have a gun turret in a top down shooter type game and it is placed at the very bottom of the screen. There is gun barrel on the turret pointing to the top of the screen. When the user clicks on the screen I would like the turret to rotate on the Z axis and point towards where the user clicked, so it looks like the gun will shoot in that direction. I am using the transform for the rotation, there no rigidbody attached to the object, not sure if that matters.

I am not sure which parameter values to enter to get this to work, the constraints seem to work on all but the Z axis which is messing up a 2D view. I have attached an example of what the screen looks like and drew the x axis and y axis.

Maybe someone can help me out when using DOTween Pro with Unity 5 and uGUI :).

I have a standard unity panel in the center of my screen (not full screen width/height, using it as a pause menu popup) and I have an anchor point in each corner of the panel. With that setup the panel scales to the device screen when I build and run the application on my android device. I set a way point to move the panel off screen on application start and then it slides back on screen when user presses the pause button.

It all works fantastic in the editor, but on my android device it looks as though the anchor positions did not stay in the original positions and the panel is skewed off to one side, so much that it is barely visible on the screen. If I remove the DOTween component the panel is visible on the center of the device, just like in the editor. Please see attachments.

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