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DOTween & DOTween Pro / Error when exiting application
« on: October 30, 2015, 06:01:40 PM »

I've recently added a bunch of extra tweens, pushing my active tween count over 256 (not sure if that's relevant or not, but it might be).  When I exit the app in the editor I'm now seeing this error that wasn't previously there:

IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.
DG.Tweening.Core.TweenManager.RemoveActiveTween (DG.Tweening.Tween t) (at D:/DG/_Develop/__UNITY3_CLASSES/_Holoville/__DOTween/_DOTween.Assembly/DOTween/Core/TweenManager.cs:833)
DG.Tweening.Core.TweenManager.Despawn (DG.Tweening.Tween t, Boolean modifyActiveLists) (at D:/DG/_Develop/__UNITY3_CLASSES/_Holoville/__DOTween/_DOTween.Assembly/DOTween/Core/TweenManager.cs:193)
DG.Tweening.TweenExtensions.Kill (DG.Tweening.Tween t, Boolean complete) (at D:/DG/_Develop/__UNITY3_CLASSES/_Holoville/__DOTween/_DOTween.Assembly/DOTween/TweenExtensions.cs:127)
DG.Tweening.DOTweenAnimation.OnDestroy () (at Assets/Demigiant/DOTweenPro/DOTweenAnimation.cs:84)

Screenshot of DOTween settings attached.

DOTween & DOTween Pro / Fade tween type and CanvasGroups
« on: June 15, 2015, 11:08:47 AM »

I'm hoping this is just something I'm doing wrong.  I've got a panel with a CanvasGroup on it, so that I can control the alpha for a number of child objects.  However when I try to add a DOTweenAnimation component with the Fade tween type to be able to tween that alpha, I get "No valid component was found for the selected animation". 

Is there a workaround for this?

EDIT: I should mention here, the panel itself has no rendered objects on it, it's just a container for the child objects.

DOTween & DOTween Pro / A getter for the Tween.Loops
« on: June 05, 2015, 12:06:08 AM »
Hi again,

I can see there's a SetLoops function available, but would it be possible to also have a GetLoops function added, or even just .Loops accessible in the code, to grab the property of Loops from the DOTweenAnimation component?  I need something like this to be able to automate the distinction between one-off tweens and looping tweens when I parse through the TweensByTarget list, so that I'm only pausing/restarting the looping ones when I go back and forth between my menus.


DOTween & DOTween Pro / Warning during iOS build&run
« on: May 31, 2015, 02:42:13 PM »
Hi again,

This doesn't appear to cause any problems in the actual build on the phone, but I did notice this just now:

Assembly 'DemiLib' has non matching file name: 'DemiLib 1.dll'. This can cause build issues on some platforms.

Is this something to be concerned about?  I don't really know much about the build process, so not sure, but I am always trying to minimise warnings in my own code so I like to at least understand what they mean if there are any.


Hi again,

Is there a way to do a "GetValue" or similar sort of read on a Tweener, to return its TO (or FROM) object value that it has got stored in its DOTween Pro component in the inspector?  What I'd really like to be able to do is to grab the value from one tween - which can vary based on some logic in my code - and then put it into a different tween using ChangeStartValue or ChangeEndValue, to get some conditional chaining working.

Is there a way to do this now?  If not, would it be possible to add something like that? 


DOTween & DOTween Pro / Problem on iOS builds since 0.9.255
« on: May 18, 2015, 05:10:02 PM »
Hi again,

I have been upgrading with the versions of DOTween Pro in the members area and these were running fine in the editor over the last few weeks.  However, today I did a build to the phone and discovered that my menu bars (using the Move tween on UGUI panels) are now only tweening in half way and then stopping. 

I went back to 0.9.225 and built again and confirmed that it still works properly on the phone on that version.  But anything from 0.9.255 or greater (and yes, I did the "select all game objects" step each time) doesn't seem to work properly on the phone.  It all works just fine in the editor though, which is the oddest part about it.  Could there be some sort of stale sizing data cached in there somewhere that the "select game objects" step isn't catering for, perhaps?

One thing that might help with figuring it out - in my canvas I have a reference size of 320*480 and when it runs on my iPhone 4S the resolution there is 640*960.  Given that the panels are only tweening in about half their usual distance, this seems proportionally as if it might be a clue.  Or it might not.

Anyway, the sample project I sent you for the last issue I had can be used to reproduce this, if you swap around the DOTween versions as mentioned - but only on the device build itself and not in the editor.  Let me know if you don't still have the Dropbox link from before, and I can PM it to you again if it helps.


Hi again,

This one has been stumping me for a long time, also back when I was using a previous UI/tweening tool.  I'm not entirely sure if it's something I'm not doing right, or if it's a limitation, but anyway I'll try to explain and hopefully you may be able to help me.

I am writing a phone game for iOS where the user can change the phone orientation from portrait to landscape and the autorotate kicks in.  There are three "HUD" panels at the top edge of the screen (top left, top right, and top center) which tween by sliding out when the pause menu panel opens, and sliding back in with a bounce when the menu closes.  This *mostly* works fine using the anchors to keep it all consistent, but there is an issue.

Let's say I start in portrait mode.  I am using a relative Move tween to for example move my top left panel from its usual offscreen Pos X of -50 to a relative Move X of 50.  The panels slide in and out fine when triggered and all looks good.  Also, if I start in Landscape mode, it works as well.  So I am speculating that perhaps DOTween (or Unity?) could be recording the "at start" resolution somehow and basing calculations off that.

Anyway once the panels are currently onscreen in Portrait and I tilt the phone to landscape, Unity adjusts it fine via the anchors and the panels stay in their correct positions at the top corners and top center, adjusted proportionally for the change in resolution.  But then - disaster!  When I trigger my tween to slide the panels back out, the panels do not leave properly but instead jump off towards the middle of the screen as if the anchor was somehow still set to the Portrait X sizing.  Also when triggering the panels to slide back in, they also clump up on the left and the top right panel ends up in the middle - again I am speculating that somehow the calcs are still thinking the anchor edge is the one from Portrait mode, and that something wasn't refreshed when the phone orientation changed.

Any ideas?  This can also be reproduced in the editor by changing the resolution from say iPhone tall to iPhone wide during play.  I'm really hoping it's just something I haven't done properly or that there's a workaround for it, so any advice you might have will be appreciated.

DOTween & DOTween Pro / Adding a Tween to a sequence by its ID
« on: April 21, 2015, 02:16:24 AM »

I've got some DOTween Pro component tweens added on some uGUI panels that I have given ID names to in the inspector, and I'm wanting to collect these tweens up in a sequence so I can fire them all off via code.

This works:
Code: [Select]
DOTween.Restart ("HUDPanelTopIn");
DOTween.Restart ("HUDPanelLeftIn");
DOTween.Restart ("HUDPanelRightIn");

However I'm not sure how to insert into the sequence using those ID strings.  E.g. after looking at the doco I tried writing a little function that polls :

Code: [Select]
vHUDPanelsIn = DOTween.Sequence ();
vHUDPanelsIn.Insert (0.0f, FindTween ("HUDPanelTopIn"));
vHUDPanelsIn.Insert (0.0f, FindTween ("HUDPanelLeftIn"));
vHUDPanelsIn.Insert (0.0f, FindTween ("HUDPanelRightIn"));


private Tween FindTween (string pTweenName)
Tween vReturnTween = null;

List<Tween> vFindTweenList = DOTween.TweensById (pTweenName);
if (vFindTweenList != null)
foreach (Tween vFindTween in vFindTweenList)
if (vFindTween != null)
vReturnTween = vFindTween;

return vReturnTween;

which I had hoped would do it, however the "DOTween.TweensById" seems to be returning a null list.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is there an easier way to get the tween object by ID for use in a sequence?

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